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  • The Sequel Songs of George Harrison

    Paul McCartney was “the cute Beatle,” Ringo Starr was “the funny Beatle,” and George Harrison was “the sequel Beatle.” Continuations of stories are obviously […]

  • The Barney Story

    Some dinosaurs are extinct...and others we only wish were extinct—like Barney. You have to wonder why anyone thought the Barney blitz would succeed...and then you have to wonder why it did. […]

  • Who Was O’Hare, And Why Did They Have Such a Huge Airport?

    Most airport names are self-explanatory: Denver International Airport, or Los Angeles International Airport, for example. But what about all those major airports that have been named after major […]

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Strange Science

Strange Science

This amazing volume from the Bathroom Readers’ Institute contains the strangest short science articles from dozens of Bathroom Readers—along with 50 all-new pages. From the oddest theories to the most astounding discoveries to the biggest blunders, Strange Science has all the facts your professors didn’t teach you, but should have. It’s packed with earth-shattering eurekas, outlandish inventions, silly “scientific” studies, and the stories behind the weirdos who made it all happen.

See Ya Later Calculator

See Ya Later Calculator

See Ya Later Calculator demystifies numbers and math. With these simple, precise, and downright magical math tricks, readers can do everyday math faster than it takes to dig out their phone and find the calculator app. Clear, step-by-step, easily memorizable directions demonstrate more than 125 math operations anyone can do in their head. Plus, it features do-it-yourself math projects, puzzles, and even a bonus section for advanced mathophiles.

Uncle John's Uncanny Bathroom Reader

Uncle John’s Uncanny Bathroom Reader

This enduring book series has been delivering entertaining information for three generations of readers. Choosing from a wide array of topics—incredible origins, forgotten history, weird news, amazing science, dumb crooks, and more—readers of all ages will enjoy these 512 pages of the best trivia and facts in print.

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